SALAMPASU (ASALAMPASU, BASALAMPASU, MPASU) Democratic Republic of the Congo The 60,000 Salampasu people live east of the Kasai River, on the frontier between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola. Their name is said to mean “hunters of locusts”, but they were widely viewed with terror by adjacent groups. They maintain strong commercial and […]


SONGYE TYPES OF ART There are numerous mask styles associated with the Songye. Power objects and objects associated with divination are also prevalent in Western collections. In the past many Songye objects have been misattributed to the Luba and vice versa. HISTORY Songye origins are shared with the Luba through a common mythical Songye ancestor

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SUKU TYPES OF ART Various wooden sculptures are made, extending from religious and magical figures to everyday status items, such as elegantly carved cups and hair combs. The Suku, like their neighbors the Yaka, also create complicated masks, which are used by the initiation societies. HISTORY Oral history suggests that the Suku, along with the

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