MANGBETU TYPES OF ART Most Mangbetu art was reserved for ruling class and was secular in nature. Wooden figures are believed to be ancestral portraits. Harps and trumpets that were used by court musicians were often adorned with sculpted human heads. Decorated thrones and knives were also part of the royal regalia. HISTORY Linguistic patterns […]


MANJA TYPES OF ART There is not an abundance of Manja art in museum collections, and those objects that exist are believed to represent the ancestors. Their style is very similar to the Ngbaka and Ngbandi, although Manja figures usually do not have the thick scarification patterns that typify their neighbors. HISTORY Although little is

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MBOLE TYPES OF ART Most Mbole figurative sculpture represents individuals who have been hanged for violating the laws of society. Wooden statues characteristically have sunken faces and concave torsos, many with ropes attached to the necks. There are also other figures related to healing or representing the ancestors. Some masks are made, but these are

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