Bangubangu Types of Art The Bangubangu carve freestanding anthropomorphic sculptures, which are characterized by coffee bean-shaped eyes and pointed beards. Women also produce high-quality pots that are sold in the local markets for profit. History The Bangubangu are now thought to have a shared history with other early hunters (pre-Bembe hunters) who passed through […]


BEMBE  HISTORY The Bembe originate from the northwest forests of Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are representative of numerous ethnic traditions including Lega, pre-Lega, Boyo-Kunda, and Bemba. They are a tough and proud people who absorbed other populations and their systems of thought in the process of carving out their current homeland in a

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BUSHOONG TYPES OF ART As might be expected, art that can be directly attributed to the Bushoong is almost always used to validate rule. Ndop (portraits of rulers) are perhaps the best known of the Bushoong royal arts and are used as mnemonic devices to remember Kuba history and to transfer power from one king to the

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