SALAMPASU (ASALAMPASU, BASALAMPASU, MPASU) Democratic Republic of the Congo The 60,000 Salampasu people live east of the […]

SONGYE TYPES OF ART There are numerous mask styles associated with the Songye. Power objects and objects

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SUKU TYPES OF ART Various wooden sculptures are made, extending from religious and magical figures to everyday

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TABWA TYPES OF ART Tabwa carvers produce many beautiful utilitarian objects such as combs, drums, and bellows,

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WOYO TYPES OF ART Woyo sculpture shows the influence of their Kongo neighbors, while remaining stylistically distinct.

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YAKA TYPES OF ART Both mbwoolo sculptures and a type of carved slit drum known as a mukoku are used by

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YOMBE TYPES OF ART Some of the most spectacular Yombe pieces are the nkisi nkonde figures described below. They

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The word azande means “the people who possess much land.” This relates to their history as conquering warriors. The

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