LUBA TYPES OF ART The iconographic representation of women in Luba sculpture is widespread and correlates to […]

LULUWA TYPES OF ART Luluwa are known for their sculpted statues marked by intricate scarification patterns and

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LUNDA TYPES OF ART Although it is impossible to isolate specific examples of Lunda art, their political

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MANJA TYPES OF ART There is not an abundance of Manja art in museum collections, and those

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MBOLE TYPES OF ART Most Mbole figurative sculpture represents individuals who have been hanged for violating the

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NGBAKA TYPES OF ART The most common forms of sculpture center around representations of Seto and Nabo.

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NKANU TYPES OF ART Nkanu art styles are very similar to their Yaka and Lula neighbors. They

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PENDE TYPES OF ART The Pende carve numerous types of masks, most of which are associated with

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