Bangubangu Types of Art The Bangubangu carve freestanding anthropomorphic sculptures, which are characterized by coffee bean-shaped […]

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BEMBE    HISTORY The Bembe originate from the northwest forests of Democratic Republic of the Congo. They […]

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Chokwe TYPES OF ART The Chokwe are well known for art objects produced to celebrate and validate […]

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Kongo TYPES OF ART The most prolific art form from this area is the nkisi objects, which come in […]

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KUBA TYPES OF ART Aside from beautiful cloth, the Kuba also produce carved wooden masks and figures. […]

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KUSU TYPES OF ART Much of Kusu sculpture is comparable to their neighbors, from the Lubaized chief’s […]

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LEGA TYPES OF ART The Bwami society is the context for the production of most Lega art […]

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